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My Minute Thoughts on Recent News About Minimum Wage (14 States to Raise Minimum Hourly Pay by Jan. 1, 2016)

Read the recent news about increase in minimum wages and below are my minute thoughts about it:

The steps taken by organizations or constitution are healthily researched and read. By studying the assumptions and exceptions of an impact, constitution proposes a bill or takes steps. Thus, it is better to let the constitution lead. It is we who form constitution, and this is why it is we who are responsible for all the cause and effects.

One should understand that it is important for us to participate in forming government and constitution. And if we fail to; then we should let the constitution work on their own and expect some healthy positive results from them, instead of opposing or criticizing.

Instead, we should be supporting their decisions or else we should participate in forming a constitution where we need not to criticize their steps and work; because it is we who have formed the constitution we can rely on.

Equality is the key to stability. No one is scholar by birth and thus we have to understand humanity and economics in order to maintain equality. Capitalism was established in order to get rid of from traditional methods that were directly resulting in slavery.

(image source: wiki)
Capitalism was not formed to hoard and harass employees, customers, government, and stake holders; it was formed in order to get rid of from slavery and inequality. Capitalism was given birth not to earn enormous profits by deceiving employees and customers, but to maintain equality and stability based on the ability of every individual.

CAPITALISM-1(image source: freecommunism dot org)
Capitalism was given birth so as to divide the income and profits equally on the basis of individual ability; and this is where capitalism went wrong. Instead of focusing on mere profits, capitalism should be given a profound meaning where the aim is to maintain equality and equal profits on the basis of individual ability, alongside maintaining humanity by giving equal chances to those who are capable, but are suffering due to stumbling and weak roots and causes such as poverty, low incomes, caste, deprived of education, deprived of basic needs, and more.

Thus, capitalism is to earn enormous profits alongside maintaining humanity, equality, stability in the economy, and moving forward without causing harm to natural resources and environment (sustainable development).
(I heartily ask for forgiveness in case if my thoughts stumbled in the wrong way)

E & OE

Ajit Singh Guller
I share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with life here; some brutal, some pleasant. And I try to write something useful for people as well as for me.

I am not a professional philosopher, and I do not wish to be.

I write here because I want to, because this is what satisfies my soul, because I feel complete, because this is in my nature; not because I have to.

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