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Let Go.

let go-

I say, LET GO. Just Let Go.

I say do not allow everything you read or do or want to do or those desires and wishes and dreams and fancies, make a nest in your head.

Just Let go of everything if you are unable to focus on your thing or if your surroundings or those degrading thoughts are not letting you move forward.

I say free yourself for a minute from all these thoughts and feelings.

Let the chips fall where they may.

You are not here to reach a goal or accomplish a goal or any dream or somebody’s dream. Nobody knows why we are here and where we are gonna be after we die. Everybody is just busy predicting and guessing, nobody knows the exact answer or the reason. So better enjoy this life before we die. Better we let go of things that weigh us down. Better let go of feelings and insecurities and people that degrade our self esteem.

I say rise up and find the solution to your problems. Try. And give your best shot.

You tried your best. So now its time for the universe and the vibes around the world to bring you to peace, to a conclusion, to your path, and make you meet your destiny. Relax. And LET GO.

Ajit Singh Guller
I share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with life here; some brutal, some pleasant. And I try to write something useful for people as well as for me.

I am not a professional philosopher, and I do not wish to be.

I write here because I want to, because this is what satisfies my soul, because I feel complete, because this is in my nature; not because I have to.

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