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It is hard to be an introvert

Believe me. It is hard to be an introvert. It is not easy at all. People do not understand our things. The things we do. The things we say. They think we are lazy. They think we can not do it. They think we are shy. They think we are quiet. But the fact is that, our life is different. But the fact is that we talk a lot in our heads. But the fact is that we do not like to speak to useless people on useless topics. But the fact is that they drain our energy by saying stupid stuffs.

quotes on introverts

We are not driven by greed. and when we really do something, we fucking do it in a grand way.

If I were given another life, especially here in India, I would not prefer being an introvert, ever. I would choose to become an extrovert.

Because it hurts, and they will never understand.

(doesn’t mean I don’t like being me. it is just that, I will have to tackle, and use the pros of being an introvert to grow financially and successful)

Ajit Singh Guller
I share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with life here; some brutal, some pleasant. And I try to write something useful for people as well as for me.

I am not a professional philosopher, and I do not wish to be.

I write here because I want to, because this is what satisfies my soul, because I feel complete, because this is in my nature; not because I have to.

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