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Colors are good. They make your view pleasant and presentable and distinguishable.

And then colors is racism. They distinguish. They bifurcate. They indicate sadness and separation and indicate norms, some good, some bad.

Colors are catchy and soothing as far as used and perceived in the right manner and the right way and at right place and time.


Colors represent. But the sad part is, they also discriminate. They discriminate white from black, dark from light, good from bad, and bad from good. But the good part is, colors also add essence to our life. They make our life less mundane and more interesting and navigable. They add joy to moments and memories. They add color to past.

Colors speak in their own way, in their own taste, in their own looks, and in their own color. White speaks peace, while red speaks warnings. Green speaks soulful, and black speaks numbness.

Colors add vibrancy to life. They add life to life.

Ajit Singh Guller
I share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with life here; some brutal, some pleasant. And I try to write something useful for people as well as for me.

I am not a professional philosopher, and I do not wish to be.

I write here because I want to, because this is what satisfies my soul, because I feel complete, because this is in my nature; not because I have to.

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