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The society we live in


Not Satisfied with your job? Want to make an impact? Watch this First.

Not satisfied with your job or the work you are doing? Want to make an impact? WATCH THIS FIRST. Ok.. So this is something we youngsters and recent graduates really need to learn and apply. Ajit Singh Guller I share my thoughts, experiences, and experiments with life here; some brutal, some pleasant. And I try to write something useful for… Read more →

indian cricket team meme

Lessons Learned from INDIA Vs PAKISTAN Champions Trophy 2017 Final

An Amateur Can Only Win by Luck. But That Won’t Last Long- I won’t take anybody’s name here, but everybody knows who I am talking about. The one who leads the team. We need sincere maturity when it comes to winning at crucial games. Every professional fisherman can catch a fish when the sky is clear, but the real test… Read more →