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My Minute Thoughts on God and Life

love and humanity quotes mrphilosopher

Power of Love, Humanity, and Relations- From the Movie, 2012.

And out of nowhere I fell today on 2012, the movie. I had it watched years back and I was shocked today by observing the changes in me and my observation. Years back, the same movie had no effect on my sentiments and years later I am drastically touched by the dilemmas directed in the movie. And what I observed… Read more →

Money or Interest?

Even this world needs to be explained theoretically. We all have been reading, in bulk, motivational thoughts, quotes etc., encouraging us to do something revolutionary, blending our fears, asserting not to quit whatever the situations may be and numerous confidence giving words. A wave of hope runs in our blood resulting goose bumps, building a mountain of firm rocks stating… Read more →

Life is not misery at all. I mean we for sure undergo certain tough days, but its ok.

Life is a tapestry and if you jump into it to find the answers, you will be lost. The only way out is ‘balance’- And For Earth It’s a Fight Between God and Money Instead of worrying about if GOD exists or not, why there are so many struggles in life, etc., you should enjoy what you have right now.… Read more →