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About Me


What do I do

(Just a little disclaimer: Everything you read here, be it articles, content, quotes, lyrics, and almost anything, is created and written by me; except certain things and stuffs.)

I write. And then I know a thing or two or may be three, four, five, about Digital Marketing and Branding. And then I also know a thing or two about customer relationship management and business operations.

I have been doing all the above stuffs since last 3 years and have been employed by 2 Web Development/IT companies
during these 3 years.

I also know a thing or two or three about ecommerce and running ecommerce businesses. And then I know how to build basic and dynamic websites. I have worked for clients across the globe and have helped them build SEO friendly websites and get better rankings on search engines. Branding has been in my DNA and I have been helping clients regarding branding and how to create a brand instead of mere business.

Pursuing MBA from IGNOU. Done with Bachelors of Commerce. Life is good!

About My Intentions Behind Creating

Quite frequently I am being asked by people about the vision and mission behind creating Asserting clearly, the only vision I had while creating was to give something out to this world; be it in the form of motivational quotes to inspire and help you get up during tough times, or my abstract thoughts that I convert into blogs.

Be it in the form of song lyrics that may help you get positive goose bumps while reading them and recalling your loved ones, or those soothing natural real life wallpapers I collect from my friend that may help you feel calm and amazed even for a moment. My only central idea of creating this site was to give out something positive to the people across the world.

I did never imagine that I would be getting even a single comment on my blogs or quotes or anything. I never did created mrphilosopher with a thought of impressing people and getting some comments. However, to the surprise, I have been frequently getting some really comments from people across the world, and especially from people around me.

My only practice here at mrphilosopher is to help people as well as myself to feel good, to be good, to do good, to write something life changing, to create awareness about global warming and the real meaning of capitalism, to add some value to economy by sharing knowledgeable thoughts about economy, and last but not the least; to leave a positive impact on the lives of people and on this world.

Being said that, I would further like to accept cordially the fact that I am not a perfectionist. I can only try all these things and put the best of my efforts. I can not teach anyone anything, I can only make them think.

About the Mystery Behind the Title ‘MrPhilosopher’

The next question that hits the mind of people when I talk about MrPhilosopher or when someone lands on my site, is- am I really some sort of Philosopher profoundly interested in elaborating a particular philosophical topic or field?

To this my answer is, No. I do not call myself an indigenous philosopher. I am nothing but a simple guy with profound observations on each and every thing on this earth. And Yes, I love being philosophical and I love philosophy, but I am not a real philosopher.

I am far behind those amazing philosophers who have spend their lives researching, inventing, and elaborating life.

The mystery behind the name ‘Mrphilosopher’ is worth not sharing, for there are some personal instances and experiences connected with origin of this title. I will someday be more than happy and grateful to disclose it in my book, if possible.

About the Ads

The idea of starting Ads is similar to the stories of most of the sections in this site that were given birth without any prior intention. I did not wish to start ads, for I find them disrupting reading. However, I later realized the fact that I had to arrange some finance in order to cope up with expenses and the time being invested in

I further personally realized that when I am interested in reading an article or a blog in some site, I never care about those ads interrupting; neither these ads ever attracted me towards them while reading, nor I felt these ads bad. Even I find them useful at times. For example, I came to discover a site called indiareads via these ads one day while reading an economics related article on a site (I do not remember the name as of now). And that helped me save some money, for I now can borrow books for a specific period instead of purchasing them.

Still, I intend to change the revenue model of this site i.e. I will be opting for some other way to earn, such as affiliate links or other.

Ending on a positive note, you may ask me anything you wish to, and you may provide me with blessings to elevate my self esteem.

I wish all the visitors, readers, and people around the world (if they can listen to me by any means) a Positive and Peaceful Day Ahead!

E & OE

Kind Regards:

Ajit Singh Guller

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